Five Brazilian books about Orishas will be translated into English

Five Brazilian books about Orishas will be translated into English

About to complete three years of operations, Brazilian publisher Arole Cultural has signed two agreements for the internationalization of its books. Five titles of the company will be published in English and distributed to the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. The publishing house is a member of Brazilian Publishers – an industry project fostering the exports of Brazilian editorial content by means of a partnership between the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

Diego de Oxóssi is a spiritual leader of African-Brazilian religion Candomblé and publisher at Arole Cultural. He says the titles will be published by American publishers Inner Traditions and Llewellyn Worldwide. In his opinion, book internationalization means “disseminating the stories of the Orishas abroad as a way to reaffirm the Brazilian and black identity, strengthen the fight against racism and show the world that in Brazil we have not only Jewish-Christian traditions, but also African-derived spiritual practices”.

Diego himself is the author of four titles to be published in English, while the fifth book, destined for children, was written by Waldete Tristão and illustrated by Caco Bressane. 

“Desvendando Exu: o Guardião dos Caminhos” (Knowing Exu: The Guardian of Paths) (2017) will be translated and sold worldwide by Inner Traditions, an American publisher specialized in esoteric/occult books. The title presents the origins and the spiritual basis of Quimbanda – a truly Brazilian religious tradition founded in the mid ‘50s in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul –, creating a timeline from the first enslaved Africans brought to the country to the present days.

The titles “O Poder das Folhas” (The Power of Leaves) (2017), “A Magia das Folhas” (The Magic of Leaves) (2018) and “O Segredo das Folhas” (The Secret of Leaves) (2019), which form the “Trilogia As Folhas Sagradas” (Sacred Leaves Trilogy), will be published by Llewellyn Worldwide. The publisher is an international reference in esoteric and spiritual literature. The trilogy is the result of almost ten years of research and experiences in umbanda and candomblé temples in Porto Alegre and São Paulo, where the author and publisher has learned to use the magical power of plants.

Llewellyn Worldwide is also responsible for the translation of the children’s book “Conhecendo os Orixás” (Knowing the Orishas), which was specially created to introduce the Orishas (Candomblé deities) and the traditions of such religion to kids in the early stages of writing and reading, from preschool to the first grade of elementary school.

“Desvendando Exu” is expected to get to the American market in the second semester of 2020, while the “Trilogia As Folhas Sagradas” will be published abroad as a deluxe edition, a single volume including the three books. A special edition in Portuguese will be released simultaneously with the international publication, expected for the beginning of 2021, when the writer and publisher will start a promotion tour in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

“Both as a publisher and as a spiritual leader it has been a huge satisfaction for me to see how foreign readers are interested in African-Brazilian literature and culture. There was a lack of this type of contents in English, but now we intend to expand and increase the reach of such culture”, explains Diego. 

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