International Publishers Association is essential in exporting of books

International Publishers Association is essential in exporting of books

The publishing market plays a key role in our society. The books exports takes place through an intensive work of numerous professionals and the sale of copyrights is decisive during the process. For this reason, the subject is one of the main objectives of the International Publishers Association (IPA), a global federation of national, regional and specialized publisher associations, which aims to promote freedom of publication on the international scenario.

The work carried out by the organization is fundamental for the publishing sector. “We work to provide a better business environment for publishers around the world where copyrights are respected and the freedom to publish any content is a reality. The IPA is a highly respected commercial organization that speaks with a sole voice in favor of the interests of thousands of publishers in 69 countries”, says Hugo Setzer, president of the International Publishers Association (IPA).

The International Publishers Association was founded in 1896 in Paris to ensure that countries around the world could properly implement the international copyright treaty. Today, the association has 81 members and maintains its activities of promotion and defense of these rights.

“Copyrights are the foundation for the dissemination of information. Without them, the ability of a society to create, publishing, and sustainably promote works of real economic and cultural value that enchant readers would be threatened. Currently, there is a global orchestrated attack to copyright, trying to present it as something outdated and that blocking the access to valuable content. The IPA is working around the world, along with its member associations, to fight these attacks and explain why copyright is so important”, says Hugo.

Through its members, the IPA represents thousands of publishers serving markets that contain more than 5.6 billion people. The Brazilian presence in the organization happens through the participation of the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) and the National Union of Book Publishers. According to Hugo, Brazil has a very important publishing industry and has been a long-standing and active member of IPA. “We exist to represent the interests of publishers around the world and we need the support of our members to achieve our goals. The active participation of CBL and the Union is very important to us”.

The organization has intensified its participation in several international events, such as the Ibero-American Publishers Group (GIE) and the Latin American Educational Publishers Forum, which was organized by IPA with the support of GIE and the Mexican Association of Publishers (CANIEM).

Recently, the federation organized a seminar at the Guadalajara Book Fair for the first time. During the roundtable, Hugo Setzer, Kristen Einarsson, Ana María Cabanellas, and Roberto Banchik spoke about the objectives of the IPA, the publication work in the Latin American region, the activities carried out by the IPA Publication Freedom Committee and the importance of the Voltaire Prix, award honoring a person or organization that has contributed significantly to the defense, promotion, and freedom of publication in the world.