Poet Mailson Furtado wins Jabuti Award with independent publication

The month of November of 2015 was an intense period in the life of the poet Mailson Furtado. For 20 days, the writer dedicated himself to the production of the book “À Cidade” (To the City), without imagining that three years later the creative effort would yield him the greatest recognition of the Brazilian publishing […]

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Restless Books wins the 60th Jabuti Award with the international publication of “Fim” (The End)

Once a year, the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) marks the pages of the Brazilian literature history with the award of the Jabuti Award – the major and most expressive acknowledgment of the Brazilian publishing market. During the evening of last Thursday (9th), 18 authors and publishing houses were recognized by the institution. Among them, the […]

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Editor of Penguin Books USA comes to Brazil for the 60th Jabuti Award

The 60th Jabuti Award takes place this Thursday (8th) and counts on the international participation of Christopher Richards, editor of Penguin Books USA, one of the finalists publishing houses of the category “Brazilian Book Published Abroad”. Organized by the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), the event will be held at the Ibirapuera Auditorium, in São Paulo. […]

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Find out the Brazilian publishing houses that compete for the international category of the Jabuti Award this Thursday (8th)

The winners of the 60th Jabuti Award will be announced this Thursday (8th) during a ceremony organized by the Brazilian Book Chamber at 7:00 p.m., at the Ibirapuera Auditorium in São Paulo. In total, the award had 1963 works enrolled into 18 categories. Among them, “Brazilian Book Published Abroad” that has four Brazilian publishing houses […]

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International publishing houses compete for the Jabuti Award this Thursday (8th)

The Brazilian literary market is looking forward to the last chapter of the 60th Jabuti Award. Organized by the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), the biggest award of Brazilian literature will be handed this Thursday (8th) to the winners indicated in the 18 categories of the competition. Among them, the seven international publishing houses of the […]

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Brazilian Publishers participates at the MicBR 2018

The MicBR (Brazilian Creative Industries Market) takes place from November 5th to 11th at the Cultural Corridor of Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo. The 2018 edition counts on the participation of the Brazilian Publishers – an industry project to promote exports of Brazilian editorial content. It was created through a partnership between the Brazilian Book […]

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