Jabuti Award: Brazilian Book Published Abroad Category
Created in 1958 by the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), Jabuti Award is the most traditional and prestigious literary prize in Brazil, granting the winners recognition from the Brazilian intellectual community.

Publishing houses of several segments and independent writers apply annually their books hoping for the desired statuette and the recognition it provides. Winning a Jabuti is a desire by all of those who consider a book as an ideal of life. It is a distinction that gives to its winner much more than a financial reward. Winning a Jabuti represents to the book the ballast of the Brazilian intellectual community, it means to be admitted to a group of remarkable writers that are part of national literature.

The 2017 edition of the Jabuti Award presented for the first time the category BRAZILIAN BOOK PUBLISHED ABROAD. The award is meant to the Foreign Publisher that bought and published in first edition the Brazilian book abroad and also to the Brazilian Publisher that sold the copyright of this book.