Brazilian Authors Series: Rubem Alves

On September 15, 1933, Rubem Alves was born in Minas Gerais. Throughout his life, he became a psychoanalyst, educator, theologian, pastor, and writer. His works reflect these multiple knowledges: in "Ao professor, com carinho" (To the teacher, with affection), Rubem talks about affection in the act of educating; in "A grande arte de ser feliz" (The great art of being happy), he makes use of the questions and lives of his readers to hold a conversation with them

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Companhia das Letras invests in audiobooks multiplatform format with more than 80 titles in the catalog

With the pandemic, if you can't flip through a novel in the bookstore or library, another option is to listen to podcasts and audio books. Companhia das Letras, a participant in Brazilian Publishers has a seal for this market, Áudio Companhia , and meets this demand for audiobooks in the international market. There are already more than 80 titles available in the general catalog.

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