The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad, and to attract foreign investment to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy.

The Agency carries out several commercial promotion initiatives, such as commercial and prospective missions, business rounds, support to the participation of Brazilian companies in major business fairs, and visits of foreign buyers and opinion formers to assess the Brazilian productive structure, among other business platforms aimed to strengthen the Brazil brand.

In addition to the headquarters in Brasilia, ApexBrasil has nine business offices in important global markets, to assist in the process of internationalization of Brazilian companies, prospect business opportunities and enhance national participation in major global markets, also serving as a reference for the attraction of foreign investment.

The business offices are located in Asia (Beijing and Shanghai, China), the Middle East (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), North America (Miami and San Francisco, USA), South America (Bogotá, Colombia), Central America and the Caribbean (Havana, Cuba), Europe (Brussels, Belgium), and Eurasia (Moscow, Russia).


Founded in 1946, the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL in Portuguese) gathers publishers, distributors, booksellers and door-to-door palyers gathered around a fundamental cause: the construction of a country with better education through books and reading. CBL represents more than 500 associates all around Brazil. Its mission is to achieve the goals of its associates, expanding Brazilian publishing market through democratization of book access and promotion of actions to disseminate and encourage reading. CBL’s work is around three strategic goals: political action, business development and support for the associates.

Political Action

CBL works hard to keep its political representativeness with the Federal Government and also with the National Congress concerning book and reading subjects, aiming at extending the influence of the sector in the decisions that concern books. So it maintains articulation among several national and regional entities connected to book and reading activities, allowing a coordinated action in the productive chain of several power authorities.

Business Development

Knowledge, financial and economic information about publishing market form the basis for opportunity evaluation as well as for supporting decision making processes. This is the reason why Brazilian Book Chamber annually offers to its associates a complete x-ray of the sector with the survey “Production and Sales of the Brazilian Publishing Sector”. The survey is a study conducted by FIPE (The Institute of Economic Research Foundation, an entity connected to University of São Paulo), sponsored by the Brazilian Book Chamber and National Union of Book Publishers ( SNEL).

As a consequence, it has been possible to promote the development of the editorial sector, working with more precision in extending public policies and in the development of skills that:

  • support the creation and revitalization of libraries (public and private ones) in national, regional and municipal levels;
  • broaden and strengthen the national circuit of book fairs and literary festivals;
  • ease the access of the population to books and reading process, besides supporting the development of regional markets;
  • promote and support the fulfillment of actions aimed at new readers;
  • add competitiveness to the sector.

Support for the associates

Legal advice, cataloguing services, and the issuing of documents such as CBL’s exclusiveness letters are some of the support services offered to all associates. Updating management has been the policy to accelerate the processes and add quality to services, as well as giving the associates more capacity to compete and also having more impact in international markets.

Book School

The Book School aims at capacitating and updating professionals of publishing market. It tackles issues that are forefront in terms of knowledge in the issues of new technologies, law, management and operation of the book chain. Programs are always led by specialists with solid experience in the book business and applied in lectures and workshops.