Book market

As in the rest of the world, the Brazilian publishing market is experiencing a challenging moment, but at the same time full of opportunities, especially for those who want to innovate with new products and business models. We more and more position the country as an international protagonist in all segments that are related to the creative economy. After all, the word creativity defines us as a nation and we have relevant examples in all fields related to it: Text, illustration, photo, plastic arts, street art, music, cinema, ands games, among many others.

Check below the main figures of the Brazilian market in 2018, which had a turnover of around R$ 5 billion:

  • Current prices market (R$ million): 3.686,93
  • Constant prices market (R$ million): 3.686,93
  • Copies market (million): 202,68
  • Current average price (R$): 18,19
  • Constant average price (R$): 18,19
  • Sales market share: 72%
  • Government current prices (R$ million): 1.432,52
  • Government constant prices (R$ million): 1.432,52
  • Government copies (million): 149,34
  • Current average price (R$): 9,59
  • Constant average price (R$): 9,59
  • Share of sales to the government: 28%
  • TOTAL (R$ million): 5.119,45

*FIPE Data:

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