Brazilian Authors Series: Ana Paula Maia


Author of seven books, Ana Paula Maia brings a recurring theme in most of her narratives: the relation of man to work. Her characters dwell in slaughterhouses, in crematoria, in coal mines, in prison systems, and are male laborers in professions with little prominence in society. The writer’s works have already been published in Serbia, Germany, Argentina, France, Spain, the United States, and Italy.

According to Ana Paula, the relation of man with their work in her stories came up in a literary project that was established on her third book “Entre Rinhas De Cachorros e Porcos Abatidos” (Between Dog Fights and Pig Slaughter) (2009). “I wanted to tell a story that had the least of things. Characters who were not intellectually stimulated and lived in an arid place. So, they slaughtered pigs during the day and once a week they bet their wages on dog fighting. I was looking for a literature with almost nothing and, with that, I found my literary voice”, said the writer, who is part of the Brazilian Authors Series, an initiative of the Brazilian Publishers, an industry project to promote exports of Brazilian editorial content through a partnership between the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

In parallel to this book, Ana Paula wrote “A Guerra dos Bastardos” (The War of the Bastards) (2007), which was published in Germany and Serbia. The narrative presents Amadeu, a porn star who decides to borrow some money from his boss to pay off a debt of his girlfriend. However, Amadeu finds a bag with cocaine and steals the item believing in the possibility of a change of life.

The work “De Gados e Homens” (Of Cattle and Men) (2013) also had international prominence and was translated into French, Italian, and Spanish. Produced in two months and a half, the book presents Edgar Wilson, a character that appears in other books by the author, in a cattle slaughterhouse. Surprised by the unexpected death of animals, Edgar Wilson begins to question the reasons of this event.

During her career, Ana Paula Maia also wrote “Carvão Animal” (Carbo Animalis) (2011), “O Habitante das Falhas Subterrâneas” (The Inhabitant of Underground Faults) (2003), “Assim Na Terra Como Embaixo Da Terra” (So on Earth as Under Earth) (2017) and “Enterre Seus Mortos” (Bury Your Dead) (2018).

About the Series: Brazilian Authors

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