Brazilian event discusses the future of education and publishing industry


In Brazil, the education sector, which accounts for BRL 2.85 billion of the GDP of the publishing industry, has undergoing deep changes. That’s why EdTechs – education startups – want to respond quickly to such changes, and that’s why that was the theme of the first EdTech Meeting, organized by PublishNews and Posigraf.

The debate brought together João Leal, founder of Árvore, and Mauris Henrique Poggio dos Santos, coordinator of FTD Educação digital products. They met with Gabriela Dias, columnist of PublishNews and expert in such matter, to discuss trends like content customization and gamification.

During the talk, Mauris emphasized that print books don’t follow such trend, since the product is not adaptable and cannot offer customized learning. Considering that digital platforms must adapt to students’ needs, he said the strategy of FTD is to adapt to its customers’ needs. 

Because of the pandemic, schools and companies had to provide quickly a platform for digital reading. The result of such forced change is evident: Árvore, a Brazilian startup aiming at transforming education via reading, was present in 500 schools before the pandemic, but ended 2020 serving 1.7 million students from 3000 schools. For FTD, on its turn, the number of viewers of its contents increased 4 times last year. However, connectivity and accessibility are still major barriers, preventing digital contents to reach all students.

About EdTech Meeting=

Organized by PublishNews and Posigraf – a printing company specialized in books, promotional materials and retailing – the meeting brings professionals together to discuss the future of the education sector and the publishing industry. Representatives of major education platforms and startups talk about the links between technology and education. The first meeting was broadcasted on the PublishNews channel on YouTube.