Brazilian publishing industry launches the campaign #TudoComeçaNaLivraria


The initiative “Tudo Começa na Livraria” (Everything Starts With a Bookshop) was developed to emphasize the importance of physical bookshops as a meeting point for book sellers, writers, publishers, distributors and readers. The campaign is supported by the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), the Brazilian Association of Bookshops (ANL) and the Brazilian Syndicate of Book Publishers (SNEL).  

“A bookshop is the place that brings readers and books together, the place where such connection is enhanced. It is also a place for enjoyment and knowledge, for sharing experiences and having fun. It’s a land of dreams. Physical bookshops are crucial for the development of the reading habit, and many nice stories involving books and book sellers started there”, points out Vitor Tavares, president of CBL.

The Brazilian initiative was inspired by a global movement that began in Spain to attract visitors to bookshops and cultural venues. In Brazil, the idea resulted from a meeting among Vitor Tavares (Livraria Loyola), Rui Campos (Livraria Travessa), Alexandre Martins Fontes (Livraria Martins Fontes), Marcus Teles (Livraria Leitura) and Samuel Seibel (Livraria da Vila). Together, they run 120 stores, and soon after the project was conceived, major Brazilian publishers also joined the cause.

“Although online sales have been fine, publishing houses took a significant blow, especially considering the sales of titles released in 2020, which were well below the expectations. Without physical bookshops, new titles weren’t discovered”, says Alexandre Martins Fontes, executive director of publishing house WMF Martins Fontes.

Readers from all over the country may take part in the initiative and share their experiences in bookshops by using the hashtag #tudocomeçanalivraria on their posts on social media.