Children’s and YA books sales in Brazil increased in March


Today, April 2nd, is the International Children’s Book Day. In Brazil, despite of the crisis resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, the sales of titles for kids grew: according to the Nielsen PublishNews Bestsellers List, book sales in March increased by 10% in comparison with February.  

The March highlight is YouTuber Luluca. The girl had her book “Luluca – No mundo dos desafios” (Luluca – In the world of challenges) released in March 10th and now features the bestsellers list in the YA and Children’s Book category, and is also ranked 5th in the general list, totaling 2,407 copies sold. The book was published by Astral Cultural

In the same week Luluca entered the ranking, the book “O diário perdido de Gravity Falls” (Gravity Falls: Journal 3) (Universo dos Livros), by Alex Hirsch, was the second best selling title. “Luccas Neto – Os aventureiros” (Luccas Neto – Adventurers) (Pixel) ranked 3rd, followed by “As aventuras de Mike” (Mike’s Adventures) (Outro Planeta). The 5th place is hold by a classic YA book in its hardcover version: J. K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter e a pedra filosofal” (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) (Rocco).

Luíza, a.k.a. Luluca, is the host of YouTube channel “Crescendo com Luluca” (Growing up with Luluca), where she proposes challenges, creative games and activities for children and young viewers. The girl already has 7 million followers on her YT channel and 2 million on her Instagram, as well as over 90 thousand likes on her Facebook page.

As explained on the title, Luluca’s book proposes challenges. She refers to her followers and readers as “little pandas” and invites them to explore “crazy worlds made of candy and games that look like they have come straight out of video games – a place where movie stars would live in”. Luíza offers fun and entertainment in the colorful pages of her book. “There’s only one rule: have fun!”, she says.

To see the full Nielsen PublishNews Bestsellers List, click here. The list ranks national writers who are bestsellers in Brazilian bookstores, supermarkets and self-service stores, and it is divided into five categories: fiction, nonfiction, self-help, business and YA and children’s books.