Collection of the Brazilian publisher FTD Educação is awarded in the United Kingdom for English teaching


On November 15, in London, the event that grants the most important awards in the world for English teaching took place, the “Global ELTons Innovation Awards 2021“, held by the British Council. The “Our Languages” collection, by “StandFor”, the exclusive label of FTD Educação, was awarded in the Excellence in Course Innovation category. The publisher is a participant in Brazilian Publishers, a project for the internationalization of Brazilian editorial content carried out through a partnership between the Brazilian Book Chamber and the Brazilian Trade  and Investment Promotion Agency.

The teaching material, created in Brazil by the multimedia artist Alexandre Orion, was the only competitor from outside the European axis in the category. The trophy was received in person by the assistant director of complementary solutions at FTD Educação, Ana Carolina Lopes, and by Bruno Andrade, one of the authors of the collection who participated virtually in the ceremony.

The award was disputed with 188 material submissions, from more than 50 countries. Among the five finalists in the “Excellence in Course Innovation” category, there were names like the Cambridge University and the Oxford University.  “It’s a very important recognition because, here in Brazil, we show that we know how to teach English and reach these hyperconnected  young people who are fluent in so many ways of communication”, reinforces Renata Lara de Moraes, language manager at FTD.

The collection was awarded for its digital resources and innovative tools, such as an interactive cover with augmented reality, multimedia content and QRcodes, which lead to the “OUR Channel” channel on Youtube, presented by two teenagers, with a focus on young people. The channel’s videos are always about relevant themes worked on in the books and on FTD’s ionic digital platform. The material also has an exclusive design, which combines form and content. It also received the entity’s recommendation for its work with “equality, diversity, and inclusion”.

“Our Languages” has four levels and is suitable for students in the final years of elementary school, aged  11 to 14. Its contents are organized in the thematic axes “Identity and Arts”; “Interventions and the Environment”; “Relationships and Social Networks”; and “Citizenship and Journalism”. Its proposals act as a starting point for critical discussions that consider English language learning in an up-to-date and civic way.

“A very special feature of the collection is that its form is as important as its content. Flipping through its pages is always an opportunity to get in touch with different visual and artistic languages. By  teaching English as a global language, its proposals are an invitation to citizenship, critical thinking, and opinion building. No wonder that, in addition to the award, we received a recommendation for our work with equality, diversity, and inclusion”, analyzes Renata.

“Innovation is on every page of this project. We rethink the process, constantly dialogging, gathering the creativity and technique of professionals from different areas to create a truly fun and inspiring book whose design is an exciting learning platform”, concludes the artist Alexandre Orion.

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