Digital Library presents 500 years of relationship between France and Brazil


Created in 2009 through a partnership between the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) and the Fundação Biblioteca Nacional (National Library Foundation), the portal “A França no Brasil” (France in Brazil) received a new updated and expanded version. The site presents documents and articles on the relations between the two countries during the 16th and 20th centuries.

The portal was hosted by the Fundação Biblioteca Nacional (National Library Foundation) website. Now the new version is available on the website of the National Library of France and is part of the “Patrimônios Compartilhados” (Shared Heritage) collection that the French institution has created to value collaboration with national libraries of other countries that have close cultural ties. From now on, the site will be maintained and funded by BNF and will benefit from all the technical evolutions of the French digital library Gallica, which is one of the largest in the world.

According to Régine Piersanti, the BNF’s scientific responsible for website, the new website “provides over 2,000 documents to the public, contextualized by 54 unpublished articles written by experts from both countries”. The materials are part of the collection of the two libraries: manuscripts, prints, maps and drawings that prove and illustrate the Franco-Brazilian relationship of the 16th century to mid-20th century, the failed attempts by the French to colonize the territory (France Antarctica and the Equinox France) to the trip of French intellectuals in the 1920s and 1930s.

Angela Monteiro, scientific responsible for the National Library Foundation, points out that the sustainability and perenniality of the project also influenced the portal migration to the BNF:“The fact that it is hosted at BNF, an institution that long has a validated digital preservation policy, leaves us very relaxed about the commitment of long-term digital preservation of the collection of this France-Brazil library”.

She says the collection was not at risk hosted on the Fundação Biblioteca Nacional (National Library Foundation) website, but “having a mirror, being in two places preserved, is a guarantee, a security.”

The portal is a useful tool for both students and researchers as well as for users in general. “The public will find curious things and will have clarifications, by the articles, sometimes correcting prejudices or misconceptions about the France-Brazil relationship. And, researchers will have access to very rare documents”, says Michel Riaudel, director of the Department of Portuguese-speaking Studies at the Sorbonne University and member of the scientific council of the portal.

Reciprocal Influences

The navigation grid has been rethought for easy access. The previous logic, which was chronological, gave way to a thematic division: Key moments; Transatlantic Currents; Literature and Circulation of Ideas; and Arts, Science and Techniques.

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Source: RFI