Editora Alaúde is a finalist for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2019


Brazil is a finalist of 31 categories in the list of gastronomy of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2019, the biggest international award of publishing of gastronomy and wines. The national highlight of the announced goes to the Alaúde publishing house, which compete for the “Publisher of the Year” award along with companies from countries like France, Germany, Sweden, and Australia.

Alaúde also competes in the categories “Blogger Book/Social Media” with “Flor do Sal” (Salt Flower) (2018), “Profissionais” (Professionals) for the publication of “Desafios Culinários” (Culinary Challenges) (2018), “History of Cooking” with the book “Culinária Brasileira” (Brazilian Cuisine) (2018),”Vegan”with the title “50 petiscos veganos” (50 Vegan appetizers) (2018) and “Distilled” with “Os segredos da cachaça” (The Secrets of Cachaça) (2018).

“It is an incredible recognition of the international market for the work we do. It is very nice to see the name of Alaúde name among other prominent publishing houses. Being among them only shows that we are on the right path”, tells the Gastronomy Editor at Alaúde, Bia Nunes de Sousa.

Other Brazilians also appear on the list, such as Editora Senac in the category “Female Chef” and “Photography”, for the publication of “Na Mesa da Baiana” (At the Baiana Table) (2018) and “Entertaining” for the title “Alegria na Cozinha” (Joy in the Kitchen) (2018); Editora Melhoramentos with the book “Caderno de Receitas do Jacquin Para Crianças” (Jacquin’s Recipe Notebook for Children) (2018) and Panda Books with “Pizzarias Que Contam a História de São Paulo” (Pizzerias that Tell the History of São Paulo) (2018). Check the full list here.

In the Drink Culture list, Brazil appears in eight categories. The publishing house Senac was selected for the publication “Cachaça, História e Gastronomia” (Cachaça, History, and Gastronomy) in the category “History of Drinks”, Editora Pasavento competes with the book “Pesquisas em Café” (Research in Coffee) in “Coffee”, and M Books competes with the title “Viagens, Vinhos e História” (Trips, Wines, and History) in the category “Wine Tourism”. Check the complete list here.