Bringing Brazilian fantasy in English, Eita! Magazine is out now

Revista Eita

A new magazine is taking Brazilian fantasy stories abroad. Eita! Magazine just had its issue zero released, and its English version is available at Amazon.

The digital magazine includes texts by Isabor Quintiere, Miguel Dracul, Laís Dias and Thiago Ambrósio. In addition, the current issue brings a new short story by Machado de Assis, “O país das quimeras” (The land of chimeras), translated by Vanessa Guedes. According to Publish News, the magazine translating team also includes André Colabelli, Natalle Moura and Iana Araújo.

Larissa Picchioni, Marketing and Communications Director of Eita!, says the purpose of the magazine is to serve as a bridge for the release of Brazilian writers abroad. “[We promote] authors from all parts of Brazil, stimulate the consumption of Brazilian literature by foreign readers and try to have as much representativeness as possible. That’s why our team is fixed and diverse, composed of people who are already familiar with the publishing industry”, completes Larissa.

Issue 1 of Eita! is expected for May only. The editorial team says a public notice for the selection of the writers for issue 2 will be disclosed for the second semester.