Get to know the work of Roger Mello, a Brazilian writer and illustrator of children’s books


With the upcoming release of his book in the United States expected for October, Roger Mello captivates the national and the international audience and is part of the Brazilian Authors Series, an initiative of Brazilian Publishers — an industry project fostering the exports of Brazilian editorial content by means of a partnership between the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

The release of “Carvoeirinhos” (Charcoal Boys) in the USA by Archipelago Books is another milestone in the career of the author, writer and illustrator born in the city of Brasília. Roger has been working in the publishing market since 1990: he has written 25 and illustrated 100 books already. Among his works are titles such as “A flor do lado de lá” (The flower on the other side) (1999) and “Selvagem” (Wild) (2010), both released by publishing house Global.

Besides “Carvoeirinhos”, another book by Roger published in the United States was “Todo Cuidado é Pouco!” (You Can’t Be Too Careful!) (1999; Companhia das Letrinhas), winner of the ALA (American Library Association) award. His next title expected to be released, also by Archipelago Books, in such market is “João Por um Fio(John on the Line) (2006; Companhia das Letrinhas), but the release date has been fixed yet.

Roger’s interest in literature and art resulted from his love for theater and comic books. “Theater has been always my major artistic influence when I create a character”, he says.

The writer works mainly with retelling of legends and folklore tales to reveal the nuances of the soul and deeds of the people, but he points out that each creational process is different.

“My creational process occurs while I am drafting the story. I get really involved in what I am doing/writing, so elements of things I think and see during my trips are included both in the written text and in the illustrations”, he says. “To me, words and images have the same importance and share the same space in the book”, he completes.

In the beginning of his career, Roger worked with cartoonist and writer Ziraldo and also with animations. He has been recognized for his works as illustrator, writer of children’s books, playwright and video producer since then.

In 2002, Roger won the Swiss prize Espace-enfants and the Jabuti Award in the illustration and in the children’s/YA books categories for the book entitled “Meninos do Mangue” (Mangrove Boys) (2001; Companhia das Letras). Being a multi-awarded writer, he is now a hors concours participant of the National Foundation of Books for Children and Young People (FNLIJ). For his work as an illustrator, he was also nominated in 2010 for the Hans Christian Andersen Award, deemed as the Nobel Prize for children’s and YA books.


About Brazilian Authors Series

In order to stimulate knowledge about Brazilian contemporary literature, Brazilian Publishers, an industry project that promotes exports of Brazilian editorial content through a partnership between the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), created the series “Brazilian Authors”, which brings information about current national writers.

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