Gothenburg Book Fair has the participation of Brazilian authors


Considered the third largest fair in Europe, the Gothenburg Book Fair takes place from September 27th to 30th at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Center (Svenska Mässan). The event receives the Brazilian authors Daniel Galera, Graça Lima, and Mika Takahashi, as well as Argentine Mercedes Urquiza, who lives in Brazil and published her book in Portuguese. The authors will participate in debates and presentation of their books.

According to Rodrigo Bovo Soares, Cultural Chief and Secretary of the Brazilian Embassy in Stockholm, the fair has great relevance for the Nordic publishing market. “Sweden is the seventh country that most translates Brazilian authors and has a very large literary market. The local publishing houses are interested in writers from around the world and translate from classical to contemporary authors. In the first group are Clarice Lispector and Guimarães Rosa. In the second, we find names like João Paulo Cuenca, with ‘Corpo Presente’ (Present Body), Raduan Nassar, with ‘Lavoura Arcaica’ (Archaic Farming), and ‘Um Copo de Cólera’ (A Cup of Rage), and Daniel Galera”, he said.

Daniel Galera will release his book “Meia-Noite e Vinte” (Midnight Twenty) (2016) during the event through the publisher Norstedts. The narrative focuses on the story of Aurora, Antero, and Emiliano, who write a digital fanzine that became famous on the internet during the 90s, but then went completely different and unexpected ways. The work brings an overview about the generation that grew in the middle of the beginning of the internet. The writer became known in Sweden for the book “Barba Ensopada de Sangue” (Blood-Drenched Beard)” (2012). During his career, Daniel had his books published in countries such as England, the United States, France, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, and the Netherlands, among others.

Graça Lima has already illustrated more than 50 books and received the Silver Star of the Peter Pan Award for the illustration of “A Mouth of the Night”, written by the Brazilian writer Cristino Wapichana. Launched in Sweden by the Hjulet publishing house, the work competed for the award with authors from China, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and France. The illustrator has other children’s titles published, such as “Sai da Lama Jacaré” (Get out of mud Alligator) (2014), “Corre, Caio!” (Run Caio!). (2011), and “É hoje!” (It is Today!) (2009).

The Brazilian comic artist Mika Takahashi produced the novel “Além dos Trilhos” (Beyond the Rails) (2016) and won the HQ Mix 2017 Trophy in the New Talents category, which is considered the comic book Oscar. Her most recent work is “Maria Antonieta e Gnomo” (Maria Antonieta and Gnome), which was written by Ana Cristina Ayer de Oliveira.

The event also counts on the presence of Mercedes Urquiza, who will launch the work “Na Trilha do Jaguar: na Alvorada de Brasília” (On the Jaguar Trail: on the Dawn of Brasilia) (2018). The autobiography not only tells the story of the writer, but also brings a narrative about the construction of the city of Brasilia, capital of Brazil.

In addition to roundtables and presentations of national books, the Brazilian stand in the Fair will promote Storytelling oriented to the Brazilian community present at the event.