Guilherme Karsten tours the USA promoting his work “Aaahhh!”


In May, illustrator Guilherme Karsten promoted a tour in the United States to promote his book “Aaahhh!”. The work, launched in England in 2019 by Thames & Hudson, was published in Brazil by Harper Collins in 2020 and launched in te U.S. by Tapioca Sories, on March 2022.

On Saturday, the 14th, the author visited the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, in Amherst, Massachusetts. On Sunday, the 15th, the artist participated in an exhibition at the Big Apple with the support of the Brazilian Consulate in New York. The event was held at “Books are Magic” bookstore at 11 am in Brooklyn.

The tour schedule included a book presentation, a story reading and activities with children and parents at both events. The activities at Amherst consisted of painting and drawing on sheets on the wall, making noises, dynamics related to the theme of the book. At the end of the game, the children could take the drawings home or put them on the wall, forming a big mural. In addition to the storytime with those present, Karsten also signed some copies of his work and signed a large museum book in which authors who go to the place for events are registered.

In New York, the schedule was the same: storytime, conversations and reading to the children and parents who were there. “I did an activity a little faster, a game involving paper folding of drawn characters that moved their mouths. It was pretty cool! I also signed a few more copies, signed autographs, talked to the children and parents and publicized the book”, says the illustrator.

Still in New York, an exhibition was organized with images of the work, showing the internal figures of the book on large panels and posters. Karsten’s US publisher, Tapioca Stories, which focuses on bringing Latin artists to the country, was present at the exhibition.

The General Consul, Ambassador Maria Nazareth Farani Azevêdo, is very pleased with the book’s programming in the US: “Brazil has great children’s literature authors, as well as first-rate illustrators. The Consulate General of Brazil in New York is committed to promoting this important niche of the Brazilian creative economy. The launch of the book “Aaahhh!”, by Guilherme Karsten, represented an opportunity to give visibility to this award-winning author, including the Jabuti Award. With the initiative, we also support the publishing house Tapioca Stories, which has launched Brazilian children’s literature in the North American market”, she says with joy.

Guilherme also took advantage of the trip to visit and explore networking with editors from the United States, showing his work. “I had some meetings with editors that my agent works with and presented some of my material,” he explains.


In “Aaahhh!”, the author presents us with the search for the origin of a mysterious sound that echoed around the world, bringing chaos and confusion. With vivid and funny illustrations, the reader is invited to follow how the noise affected and intrigued everyone.

The title won versions around the world: only in 2020 it was translated in South Korea, by Kookmin Book; in Turkey, by Nesin Yayinevi; in China by Guangxi Normal University Press Group, and in Taiwan by Abula Press. In addition to being on sale on shelves across the globe, Guilherme’s work has also been receiving recognition: he won the Golden Pinwheel, in China, in 2019, and the Golden Plaque Statue, in Slovakia, in the same year.

Career and trajectory

Born in the city of Blumenau, located in southern Brazil, Guilherme Karsten is an illustrator and author of children’s books, published in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and Asia. In addition to the audience of little readers, the artist also illustrates books for other writers.

Karsten has a distinguished career, having won several awards, including: the Jabuti Award 2021, the Novos Ilustradores Livraria da Vila contest (2010), the Unesco Chair 20 Seal (2017) and the honorable mention in the Planeta Tangerina contest in Portugal (2017). He was also a finalist for the Nami Concours in South Korea (2018). In addition, he was the only Brazilian awarded at BIB 2019 (Bratislava Biennial of Illustrations), in Slovakia.