Ignácio de Loyola Brandão is elected for the Brazilian Academy of Languages


Author of more than 40 books, Ignácio de Loyola Brandão was elected to hold chair #11 of the Brazilian Academy of Languages (ABL), a cultural institution that aims at promoting and stimulating the valorization of the Portuguese language and the Brazilian literature. The writer was unanimously chosen, with 31 votes cast.

Winner of ABL’s Machado de Assis Award in 2016, Ignácio will hold the chair that was previously held by Hélio Jaguaribe, a Brazilian jurist and sociologist who died last September. The writer ran for the chair against Eloi Angelos Ghio D’Aracosia, Placidino Guerrieri Brigagão, José Roberto Guedes de Oliveira, Remilson Soares Candeia, José Itamar Abreu Costa, Marilena Barreiros Salazar, Raquel Naveira, Felisbelo da Silva, Sérgio Caldeira de Araújo, Rodrigo Cabrera Gonzales and Lucas Menezes.

During his career, Loyola had works of several genres published, such as novels, short stories, books for children and young adults, among others. His most famous books are “Depois do sol” (After the sun) (1965), with stories that have the nightlife in the city of São Paulo as their scenario; “Zero” (Zero) (1974), which was published in Italy and approaches repression and the desire for freedom having the military dictatorship in Brazil as the backdrop of the narrative; and “Não verás país algum” (And still the Earth) (1981), another book on the same theme as the latter. 

In 2008, Ignácio won the Jabuti Awards in the “Best Fiction” category for the publication of the book for children entitled “O menino que vendia palavras” (The boy who sold words). The work tells the story of a boy who sells the meaning of words to other children then discovers the importance of words for communication. Granted by the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), the Jabuti Awards is one of the most important prizes in the Brazilian publishing industry.