In its 3rd edition, AEILIJ Award announces finalists


The AEILIJ (Association of Writers and Illustrators of Children’s and YA Books) Award has just announced the 5 finalists in the three categories composing the prize: Children’s Books, YA Books and Set of Illustrations. The winners will be disclosed in April 18th.

This is the 3rd edition of the AEILIJ Awards, whose purpose is to give visibility to Brazilian intellectual and literary production, as well as to stimulate the consumption of beautifully written and illustrated books. “We had several weeks of hard work and the panel of judges had difficulty in selecting the finalists, because of the high level of participants. We received books from all parts of Brazil, from small, large and independent publishing houses”, says Rosana Rios, President of AEILIJ.

For each of the three categories, five finalists were selected. Starting with Children’s Books, the finalists in such category are: “Deu limerique na casa do bicho” (Animal houses) (Cortez), written by Alex Gomes and illustrated by Cris Alhadeff; “Festança” (Big party) (Biruta), written by Edith Chacon and illustrated by Fran Junqueira; “Minha família Enauenê” (My Enauenê family) (FTD), written by Rita Carelli and illustrated by Anabella López; “O acordeão vermelho” (The red accordion) (Caleidoscópio), written by Kátia Gilaberte and illustrated by Luciana Grether; and “Ora bolas” (Balls) (Piu), written by Paula Taitelbaum.

In the YA Books category, the finalists are: “A roda da vida” (The wheel of life) (Panda Books), by Manuel Filho; “Caleidoscópio de vidas” (Kaleidoscope of lives) (FTD), by João Anzanello Carrascoza; “Estou aqui se quiser me ver” (Here I am, if you wanna see me) (Moderna), by Tânia Alexandre Martinelli; “Traços” (Marks) (Metamorfose), by Liz Quintana; and “Vlado” (Vlado) (Caleidoscópio), by Kuri (Maria Beatriz F. De Souza).

Also in the YA Books category, the title “Trago na boca a memória do meu fim” (I bring in my mouth reminiscences of the end of me) (Ática), by Ricardo Azevedo, was selected as a Hors Concours participant. 

Last but not least, the Set of Illustrations category. The finalists are: “A menina e a planta” (The girl and the plant) (Madrepérola), illustrated by Andréia Vieira; “Cadê o livro que estava aqui?” (Where is the book that was here?) (FTD), illustrated by Jana Glatt; “Cascudinho – o peixe contador de histórias” (Cascudinho – the storytelling fish) (Brasil), illustrated by Luciana Grether; “Motosblim, a incrível enfermaria de bicicletas” (Motosblim, the amazing bicycle hospital) (Entrelinhas), illustrated by Marcelo Velasco; and “O filho querido de Olokun” (The beloved son of Olokun) (Pallas), illustrated by Clara Zúñiga.

By virtue of the social distancing recommended because of COVID-19 spread, finalists will be given a virtual certificate. The winners will be announced in April 18th – Brazilian Children’s Book Day.