Mais Ativos publisher begins internationalization process betting on the niche of financial education for children


The Brazilian publisher Mais Ativos Educação Financeira has just taken the first step in the internationalization strategy of its works. The house is the newest participant in Brazilian Publishers – a partnership between the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil).

The publishing house has two publishing labels, Mais Ativos, specialized in publications for financial education and citizenship, and Mais Amigos, with literary publications aimed at children. Mais Amigos focuses on works by well-known and new authors, embellished by creative illustrators in harmony by strengthening the presence of books in the children’s world.

According to Álvaro Modernell, founder and publisher of the company, the house’s plan is to prioritize the sale of rights to children’s literature books, including some related to children’s financial education. For this, the publisher has already started the process of translating 10 to 15 of its works into Spanish, with short texts and illustrations with international standards.

The publisher also selected five other financial education titles to work on in the first stage of the process, such as “Dona baratinha e a cidade desbaratinada” (Mrs. Cockroach and the messed up city) , which talks about citizenship and popular participation in public management, and “Os Três Porquinhos” (The three little pigs), from the new collection “Era Outra Vez” (Once upon another time). The books are a reinterpretation of children’s classics, bringing a hint of financial education.

“We are very confident that the public will be very receptive and we want to give new perspectives to old stories and show that financial education can be where we least expect it”, says Álvaro.

He explains that the decision to bet on the export of rights arose from the differential in the material on the publisher’s catalogue. “We have a wide range of nationally recognized authors and we work with the Mais Ativos label in a niche that is still little explored in the literary market. Therefore, we believe that there is a good space to be worked abroad”, cites Álvaro.

Around the world

According to Álvaro, internationalization will enhance the brand even more, improve the editorial process, and diversify the publisher’s sources of revenue. He has great expectations regarding the publisher’s entry into the Brazilian Publishers project: “We are newcomers to the international market and we hope that BP will show us the way forward, help us with guidance, support us with dialogue with potential partners and give us suggestions about promising markets and where we can invest more”, he adds.

At the end of April, the publishing house already participated in its first international fair with the support of the project. Mais Ativos participated in the Bogotá International Book Fair, with the aim of starting prospecting.

Mais Ativos

Mais Ativos is proud to be one of the pioneers and main national references in financial education, directly involved in the dissemination, expansion and improvement of initiatives that reinforce the humanist approach to this aspect of education.

In all its projects, the publisher gives more priority to values ​​than to wealth and treats money as an instrument in favor of the sustainability of the planet and a better quality of life for all beings, especially humans.

Its founder, Álvaro Modernell, was part of the Educational Support Group (GAP) of the Brazilian Ministry of Education in the construction of the National Strategy for Financial Education (Enef). He participates, with its partners, in the main national and international forums on financial education.

Access the Mais Ativos website and check out the books by Brazilian authors published in Brazil by the publisher.

About Brazilian Publishers

Created in 2008, the Brazilian Publishers is an industry project for the promotion of Brazilian editorial content, the result of a partnership between the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil). The initiative aims at promoting the Brazilian editorial industry in the global market in a guided and organized manner, supporting the operationalization of publishers.