New novel by Brazilian Julián Fuks arrives in Portugal

A ocupação Julian Fuks

“A Ocupação”, the most recent novel by Brazilian author Julián Fuks, hits the shelves of bookstores in Portugal.  On the 9th of June, the publisher Companhia das Letras, which is also present in the country, launched the work in European lands as part of its wave of news for this month.

The novel, originally released in 2019, is a sequel to the acclaimed work “Resistance” (2015), which has been translated into English and Spanish, reaching the United States, United Kingdom and Spain. The 2015 book edition launched by Scottish publishing house Charco Press won the Jabuti award last year in the category “Brazilian Book Published Abroad” – existing since 2017 and part of the Brazilian Publishers work, a sectorial project carried out through a partnership between Brazilian Book Chamber and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

“A Ocupação” is an account of the journey of Sebastián, the author’s alter ego and main character of the previous book, which goes through a great family tragedy. In addition to the miscarriage of a child, the character still faces this period of mourning alongside his father, who is hospitalized for a lung problem.

The synopsis of the work says: “Without knowing how to grasp the thread of his own ruined existence, the narrator receives a call from a Syrian refugee, inviting him to a conversation. Seeing in this invitation the necessary pretext to escape from everyday life, Sebastián wanders through São Paulo towards the Hotel Cambridge, the ruin of a building that was once grand and now occupied by a group of homeless people. Diving into the stories that the building contains, our narrator will be occupied by them until he also forgets who he was before. ”

Julián Fuks

Born in São Paulo, Julián Fuks is 39 years old and has an acclaimed literary background. In 2016, he was consecrated in the Jabuti award for “Resistance”. This is the fifth book in the author’s catalog, which has also released Fragmentos de Alberto, “Ulisses, Carolina e eu” (2004), “Histórias de literatura e cegueira” (2007) and “Procura do romance” (2012) – the works were celebrated at awards such as the Portugal Telecom Award, USP Nascente Award and José Saramago Literary Award.

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