Sesc Avenida Paulista receives international exhibition on libraries


Inspired by the homonym book of the Argentine writer Alberto Manguel, the exhibition “Biblioteca À Noite” (Library at Night) will happen in São Paulo until February 10th at Sesc Avenida Paulista. The book presents reflections that ground the existence of libraries. In the exhibition, the visitors live a scenic and virtual experience following a script of 10 libraries, real or imaginary. The exhibition was conceived by the Canadian director Robert Lepage, Alberto Manguel andCompanhia Ex Machina – a multidisciplinary production group that performs theatrical shows, operas, videos, films and exhibition projects. The work has the support of the Institut Français and the Embassy of France, the Consulate General of Canada and the Office of Quebec.

In a press release, Sesc explains that the exhibition “is an invitation to a trip from Sarajevo to Mexico City, passing through the mythical library of Alexandria to the bottom of the seas aboard the Nautilus, the “Vinte Mil Léguas Submarinas” (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), by Julio Verne.

The first space of the exhibition is a reproduction of the French library of the own Alberto Manguel, allowing the public to enter his universe while acclimatizing to the relative darkness that features the exhibition. Called “The Forest”, the second room is the heart of the immersive experience. By walking through the place full of trees, the visitor contrasts the space with the order and rigor that generally features libraries. Through three-dimensional video glasses, the public is transposed into a virtual reality.

To participate in the exhibition, it is necessary to schedule the visit by internet here.

Alberto Manguel

Born in Buenos Aires in 1948, the writer Alberto Manguel lived in Israel and Tahiti until moving to Toronto in the 1980s, where he became a Canadian citizen. Manguel was director of the National Library of Argentina, position previously occupied by Jorge Luis Borges.

Robert Lepage

Robert Lepage is a multimedia artist and awarded director, founder of Ex Machina. With the company, he conceived the “A Biblioteca à Noite” (The Library at Night) exhibition in 2016 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the National Library and Archives of Quebec in January 2016. In 2017, the work is exhibited at the National Library of France. Now the exhibition arrives to Brazil.