Art of Making Arts

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In the period between 1980 and 1990, studies on reading and children’s literature broke out in the Brazilian academic world. Several authors began to reflect on the subject and to endorse a critical apparatus. In this context, the work of Gloria Pondé arises to reflect it and to ground a reflection on the main topics of literature and education. By creating the Gloria Pondé collection, Sesi-SP publishes positively its position on the value of children’s literature and its relevance to the formation of readers. Moreover, it contributes to the education that, with quality, will subsidize the work of all sectors that are part of the network of professionals involved with the book and reading in the country. The first title of the collection, The Art of Making Arts, is a guiding walk on making, producing, and promoting literary reading. Drawing on the literary theory and examples of the greatest exponents of Brazilian children’s literature, Gloria crosses trails of the traditional story and poetry, commenting on the influence of these genres in the education of children.