Because I closed my eyes

Author: Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 240 About publishing company: Publisher Contact: ISBN: 978-85-68925-52-2

What if you found out that it is not the end yet?

Karen remains trapped in herself, running away from any more intimate relationship with another person. The only one with access to his life is Andrew, his best friend, that to for remain at his side conceals his true feelings.

Karen’s life is linear and predictable, until the emergence of a seductive client who can transform her feelings and her worldview.

Disturbing Paul Newman has the power to deconstruct the barrier Karen has created to protect himself, but an unexpected turnaround causes her to promise something to Andrew that she does not know if she can keep it.

Now she will have to choose between remaining in the darkness of the past or glimpsing the possibility of a future. But is Karen ready to choose to live again?