Black Fortress – book 1

Author: Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 464 About publishing company: Publisher Contact: ISBN: 978-85-68925-35-5

About the Black Fortress series

Black Fortress is not just another series of vampire books. Kel Costa has been able to put together all the ingredients needed to create a story that you take and can not quit. With captivating characters, an unconventional heroine and vampires we love to hate and who seem to belong to our daily lives, Kel Costa unfolds the plot with mastery and conquers readers with each new chapter.

The author guides us through a narrative full of action and mysteries, and still finds space for a good romance. It is almost impossible to take your eyes off the pages! Every moment we are surprised by a turnaround, transforming Kel Costa into a parameter of quality for the fantastic literature produced in Brazil.


Black Fortress 

Do not fear! Do not give in! Resist!

What would happen if humanity were in the midst of an unprecedented war between powerful creatures of two predatory and extremely dangerous species?

In a world completely different from everything we know until then, the adventure begins of a rebellious and daring teenager, who will face the most feared vampires and mythological beings to gain a position of respect, thanks to their strength and courage.