A field Guide for Young Explores

Author: Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 144 About publishing company: Lume livros is a young publishing house focused on presenting several areas of Science in a fun and approachable way for young readers. We can make biology, physics, anatomy ecology, maths and all the areas of science engaging and exciting for kids. Our goal is not only to provide entertaining information, but also stimulate a critical view of the world, and encourage readers to come up with their own questions and points of view. Our books are thoroughly researched and aligned with resent scientific beliefs and discoveries, which allow us to bring up to date content with a high quality production value, colourful illustrations and accessible text. Publisher Contact: ISBN: 9788553136018 This book invites readers to explore the world around them, developing a critical and curious eye to their surroundings. A field guide brings information and curiosities about the natural world (animals, plants, astronomy and climate), tips on how to create a nature journal and suggested activities to help kids engage fully with the natural environment, even if they live in big cities. The book has several blank pages, so children can continue their explorations and developtheir own personalised nature journals.