Leo and Bia

Author: Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 256 About publishing company: Publisher Contact: ISBN: 978-85-68925-18-8

A country novel set in the South of Brazil.

A story that will touch your heart!

As a child, Maria Beatriz was taken against her will away from her father and her beloved Santa Maria, a beautiful city in the heart of Rio Grande do Sul. But even distance or time could not erase the memories she it carried in the heart.

Today, more mature, she is anxious with her return home and with the beginning of a new life at the University of Santa Maria, studying psychology. Her happiness is so much that she distracts herself for a moment.

Suddenly, while looking for his father in airport, a collision happens. It was a certain pawn … And after that, the life of Maria Beatriz would never be the same again.

Leo is a veterinary student and settled in the city after his father inherited his grandfather’s Palmital Farm. The young pawn shake the structures of Santa Maria, not only by the sound of his powerful truck, but also by all his charm and disposition to conquer a certain girl who stole his heart.

Leo and Bia bring us much more than a love story told by two young people from the interior. They will lead us on a trajectory of struggle and overcoming!

Leo and Bia come to enchant you with your your extravagant way, completely passionate.