Love is in the air 2 – Paris

Author: , , Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 308 About publishing company: Publisher Contact: ISBN: 978-85-68925-54-6

Oh, the love! The difficulties, the chills, the unexpected encounters, the crazy thoughts …

In the second volume of the series Love is in the air, you will meet beautiful stories with a dash of drama, about loves that surpass expectations even when it seems that it will not work.

With a foreword by Tammara Webber, authors Carol Dias, Paula Toyneti Benalia, Cristina Melo and Liz Spencer present novels set in Paris, the City Light – of the croassaints, of the love and breathtaking scenery – for you to fall in love even more.

The second volume of the series “Love is in the air” brings four beautiful and charming stories that will grab your readers from start to finish.
Penelope and James teach that trust and love always go hand in hand.
Ava and Caleb show that you should stay with your love in good times and especially in difficult times.
Valentine and Louis find each other a safe haven, a connection that goes beyond mere chance.
Manuela and Rodrigo live a young love, with many different responsibilities and paths.
Come to be enchanted by these stories, die of love for these couples and get lost in the writing of these extraordinary authors.