Rivers die of thirst

Author: Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 48 About publishing company: Publisher Contact: ISBN: 978-85-504-0598-8

Forty years later, the abundant river on fish where his father took him is converted into a “grimy” watercourse where all life was suppressed. There is no longer anything to fish in that dark broth that pollution has poisoned. Even so, that is where the man comes, one dawn, with useless hooks, carrying Bumba, his seven-year-old son – just as his own father had done four decades earlier when he was the exact age of his son now. He knows how much it will hurt in the heart of Bumba the spectacle of a river murdered by the insensitivity and greed of other men. There remains the consolation that the shock will help to build in the boy an awareness of caretaker of the goods of nature. That alone would make the rivers die of thirst for an essential reading, and not only for children – but there is much more in the thread of this little masterpiece of our literature. Apart from worrying about the planet we are degrading, the contact with the tragedy will further solidify the love of father and son. That is also why you have to live the painful experience that is reserved for you that dawn. “He goes with me like I would be going with Dad and nothing has changed”, the man tells the woman. “I’m Bumba and Bumba is me. Like Dad was me, and now I am him”. Humberto werneck