The boy, the crossroads and the whistle

Author: Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 28 About publishing company: Publisher Contact: ISBN: 978-85-8205-966-1

“This tale of Afonso Borges reminds me of Carlos Drummond de Andrade when he argues that simple nothing is easy: on the contrary, it is difficult, the result of many elaborations, the search for the word and the right phrase to a certain history or poem. The boy, the crossroads and the whistle are quite simple: the narrative is linear, the character is one, the words, of our daily life. To build the story, there is a well-marked, almost slow-paced rhythm, there are many metaphors and synesthesies without any searching – and there are multiple interpretations, which become a crossroad for the reader as well. Crossroad is the key word of the narrative, and indeed it is not only the life of the child: it is the story of each of us, called all the time to make choices – from the simplest to the most decisive ones. And the fundamental question is: at a crossroads, how and why do we choose a certain path? That´s a good question, which will for some time occupy the mind of the reader, once the reading is finished. And that will generate interesting reflections and discussions – a good sign of the quality of the story”.
Maria Antonieta Cunha, writer, editor and holder of a doctorate degree in literature.