The End

Author: Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 208 About publishing company: Publisher Contact: ISBN: 9788535923599

The book centres on the story of a group of five friends in Rio de Janeiro. They are nearing the end of their lives and revisit their most significant memories: the parties, marriages, divorces, fixations, inhibitions, regrets.

Álvaro lives alone, spends his time going from doctor to doctor and can’t stand his ex-wife. Sílvio is a junkie who can’t give up the excesses of sex and drugs even in his old age. Ribeiro is an athletic beach bum who is enjoying a prolonged sex life thanks to Viagra. Neto is the square member of the group, a faithful husband until his last days. And Ciro is the Don Juan envied by all – but the first to die, struck down by cancer.

They are very different figures, but who share not only the fact that they are at the far end of life, but also limited horizons. Career success, personal realization and serenity are all out of the question – and at the end of the day, none of them seem capable of tallying up anything but a list of frustrations.

Orbiting around them are several women: neurotic, bitter, seductive, blasé, abandoned, resigned. There is also a priest in the throes of a crisis over his own vocation and an entourage of typical Rio sorts who are the
fruit of the author’s sharp observation skills.

The pages of The End contain pizzazz, sex, sun and sand. But they are also full of resignation and tinged with melancholy.