The Secret Society

Author: Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 296 About publishing company: Publisher Contact: ISBN: 978-85-68925-37-9

You will not resist the invitation to join this Society.

What if you knew that there is a place where you can perform all your fantasies, even those immeasurable ones? Where is it possible to test your limits and go beyond without running the risk of exposing yourself or having your identity revealed?

Meet the longings behind the sobriety of Mrs. V.
Wife and devoted mother, she will reveal herself to be a woman dissatisfied with married life that has lasted more than a decade and will find in Mr. P, a charming and successful businessman, the chance to perform your wildest dreams inside a secret society. But will the relationship between them just be a sensual adventure?

Masks conceal our true Self, but how much longer can we keep a secret?
Reveal the intimacy of Lord F, an man insatiable, of questionable behavior, who does not hide his need to flee from the common in search of satisfying his peculiar tastes. Married to Mrs. V, he maintains a double life through Society, where to the pleasures of sex knows no bounds.

How many mysteries can we hide behind a facade of superficiality?
Be surprised to know the life of the mysterious Miss M. Under the mask of an independent woman, averse to relationships and interested only in the pleasures provided by sex without commitment, a young woman is divided between her desire for freedom and the need to adjust to the social rules imposed by the father’s political career.

With an astounding ending, this plot will take the reader on a journey that goes far beyond eroticism. You will follow the story of the characters, experience their adventures, know their motivations and be impacted by the consequences of their actions, going the extreme limits of passion.
Enter the world of the Secret Society and participate in this erotic dance of pleasure without inhibition!