Ties of Destiny

Author: Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 172 About publishing company: Publisher Contact: ISBN: 978-85-68925-16-4

As she took refuge in a small town in the Rio Grande do Sul, she did not realize that she was about to live an intense love.

Catarina is a lonely and traumatized girl in many ways. First with the premature death of his parents in a car accident, followed by a strong amorous disappointment which shook at once his emotional structure. And as if that were not enough, she discovers a financial deviation in the company she has inherited.
In search of a fresh start, Catarina decides to move away from Porto Alegre to a small city in the mountain range. All she wants is peace to start a new life where no one knows her story and an isolated cottage in the middle of a grove looks like the prefect place. At least that’s what she imagines, until she meets Bruno.

Tall, handsome and full of attitude, Bruno reveals himself to be a man of integrity, but also keeps a good amount of secrets.
It involvement with this mysterious and seductive man becomes inevitable and the relationship evolves naturally. But in the midst of their passion they will find themselves in a conflict and Cat will need the courage to reveal to Bruno all the secrets that surround her past.