TRANSRADIOACTIVE- You know me because you have afraid, or are you afraid because know me?

Author: Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 189 About publishing company: Publisher Contact: ISBN: 9786586174076 Valéria Barcellos is a singer, actress, DJ, performer, writer and visual artist, holder of the highest honor given to women in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, of “Mulher Cidadã” trophy. But first of all, Valéria is a black woman. She is a trans woman. It is the representation of transnegritude and transfeminism. It was during the period of discovery and treatment of cancer that she decided to record her experiences and memories in text – not only of the victories over the disease, but about the fight against the epistemicide of the black population and LGBTTQ+. In the words of Jean Willys about his first meeting with Valéria: “despite being applauded standing up, she questioned her eyes as if to say” appearances do not deceive me! “Valeria knew how much racism, homophobia and transphobia she had overcome to be there, like a star. I knew how much racism, homophobia and transphobia still persisted in many of those people, even if they were unaware of it. And I knew that the war was not won. It never is.” TRANSRADIOATIVA is Valéria’s cry against this war!