Author: Publishing company: Segment: Number of pages: 192 About publishing company: Publisher Contact: ISBN: 9786586174069 Of all the African-based traditions in Brazil, Batuque is perhaps the least known religion in the country. Interestingly, of all of them, Batuque is certainly the most known in South American countries. Originating in the extreme south of the country, this Religion of the Orishas resignified in Brazilian lands has a peculiar history and formations, which are revealed in the thesis of a master historian, theologian and babalorisha Hendrix Silveira. After all, what is Batuque? How does it arise in Rio Grande do Sul and its expansion to Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay? What are their customs, foundations and religious practices? What are their epistemology? Through the research and experiences of the author and his interviewees in the «Terreiros de Nação» – the name given to the religious temples of Batuque -, the book seeks to understand, assign meaning and purpose to the rituals of this tradition, from its African origins to the present times , bringing to light the historical persecution engendered by racism and white-European colonialism in Rio Grande do Sul lands.