The boy and the boy’s chick

Autor: Editorial: Segmento: Number of pages: 48 Sobre Editorial: Contacto: ISBN: 978-85-504-0610-7

This story has no fairies or dragons. No laughter or fantasy. This story has pure and simple life. Of a boy, his family, his school. Released in 1975, this text caused a furor and defined the debut of the great writer Wander Piroli in children’s literature. For children? No. This book is for everyone. It touches the most sensitive feelings of any reader, of any age. Characters and dialogues are vivid and accurate. We, readers, are the mother, the father, the sisters, the teacher, the maid. We are mainly the Bumba boy dealing with his problem. Read and reread this story, young and adult reader, and see if it will not be part of your life forever. Fairies and dragons, laughter and fantasy are wonderful things. But there is no need here. Life is wonderful even when it hurts. Especially when it comes pulsating, dressed in beautiful words. Luiz Raul Machado.