A ema e o sonho

Autor: Editora: Segmento: Número de páginas: 24 Sobre a editora: contato@guismofews.com.br | +55-11-97574-0561 Contato: ISBN: 9786586532012 When the little emu was born, she saw a butterfly and decided she would fly too! But the adults told her that “emus don´t fly” and she grew up learning to give up her dream. One day, the young emu was walking on a different path and found a lake. In the middle of the lake, there was a rock topped by a huge tree. She remembered her dream and believed that if she could climb the tree, she would fly back from there. Along her journey she met swans, a lizard and guinea fowls that tried to discourage her or laughed at her. She didn’t give up and by the end of the afternoon, she reached to top of the tree. Then, she spread her wings, jumped and… fell like an emu should fall. A starling, who watched everything from the beginning, congratulated her. After all, she pursued her dream and did incredible things that no other emu had ever done. Realizing that, the emu was not ashamed anymore and she got so happy that started dancing in a unique way. When she noticed, she was flying like a butterfly! This fable carries fundamental concepts of creative behavior and shows that obstacles such as arrogance, fear or bullying, can be overcome with persistence, resilience and encouragement. The book has been used in schools as a tool to discuss these subjects. The fable has also been adapted to history telling shows. This edition is trilingual: Portuguese, English and Spanish.