A nuvem que chovia diferente

Autor: , Editora: Segmento: Número de páginas: 24 Sobre a editora: contato@guismofews.com.br | +55-11-97574-0561 Contato: ISBN: 9788569914143 On a summer day, young clouds prepare to rain and when the rain begins, Nimbus realizes that he doesn’t know how to rain like his friends and feels a deep sadness that makes him move away from the group. When his friends realize that Nimbus has pulled away and is crying, they go to him. Together, they discover that Nimbus has a different way of raining and although this sounds scary, it’s actually pretty fun. “A nuvem que chovia diferente (The cloud that rained differently)” is part of a project developed by the authors whose aim is to show that through the literature and in a playful way it is possible to learn from differences and how important is to respect them in order to build a more inclusive society.