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Legacy is the foundation stone of this highly appreciated drink – beer –, which throughout the history of many civilizations had its taste improved, its ingredients refined, and the places for its consumption designed to allow the freedom that some of its styles require and the sophistication of its most demanding tasters. No matter if you choose to have a beer in a pub, bar, alehouse, brewhouse, or tavern, you will also find design there. It helps create bonds or an ambiance for the clients that makes them feel at ease and allows them to interact with others from the community, becoming their third place, as defined by the American sociologist Ray Oldenburg. This book contains pictures of important brewhouses and pubs in Germany, Australia, Netherlands, France, England, Ireland, Czech Republic, and also Brazil. It tells the history of beer and its brewing process and also discusses the design aspects that make those places successful, such as ergonomics, functionality, colors, environment, ambiance, and visual appeal, in conjunction with excellent service and quality beer.