50 Years of Feminism: Brazil, Argentina and Chile

Editora: Aletria


50 Years of Feminism: Brazil, Argentina and Chile

Eva Alterman Blay & Lúcia Avelar (eds.)

In the last fifty years, the feminist movement in Latin America has led to a notorious cultural change in fields like work and education, in family structure, politics and, also, in the use of the media. The movements of Brazilian, Argentine and Chilean women, in particular, historically articulated in multiple forms of associativism, are now able to influence the implementation of policies to promote civil and social rights. Brazil, Argentina and Chile went through parallel sociopolitical stages – sometimes advancing and sometimes receding – and began the 21st century electing women as presidents. This selection is the result of the initial observations of a research started in 2012, which counted with the participation of academics, undergraduate and graduate students, feminist activists and those who promote public policies for women, and aims to compare the processes of gender condition transformation in these three countries.

ISBN: 978-85-314-1640-8

Número de páginas: 352