Entre versos e monstros – Série Escritores Mirins- vol. 2

Autor: Editora: Segmento: Número de páginas: 56 Sobre a editora: Contato: ISBN: 9788569914044 The poems and short stories you will read in this anthology written by kids reflect the big issues of childhood and teenage years. Many of them bring concerns about our world, whether for political, social or environmental issues. Others are true praise of life and poetry. There are also fun, adventure and suspense stories. You will laugh, get thrilled and most likely remember yourself as a child reading “Entre versos e monstros (Between verses and monsters).   “Entre versos e monstros (Between verses and monsters)” is the second volume of “Série Escritores Mirins (Kids Writers Series)”, that is part of a larger and award-winning project called “Projeto Escritores Mirins (Kids Writers Project)” which aims to give children voice and encourage more children to read and write through actions in schools, public libraries and literary events. This anthology was written by 22 children aged 8 to 14 from twelve Brazilian states.