A Glass of Water

Autor: Editora: Segmento: Número de páginas: 32 Sobre a editora: Contato: ISBN: 978-85-262-9564-3 A glass of water may seem to us to be of very little importance, but, in fact, in some cases, it may mean a lot! Think of a little bird on a very sunny, hot day: a glass of water will quench the little bird’s thirst; think of a kid that wishes to play with soapsuds: a glass of water means a lot of fun; think of a little fish out of its pond: a glass of water means salvation; think of a flower that is withering away: a glass of water means survival; think of paintbrushes that have been working all day long: a glass of water is the long-awaited rest. In these humble (but highly meaningful) verses, we can see that water is really essential for us; it is also clear that what we do with it is very important for its preservation. At a time in which water is scarce at a worldwide scale, the verses in A Glass of Water may raise kids’ awareness of the fact that preserving water is of utmost importance since it is a non-renewable resource.