Memento Mori – Jorbim e Joana – vol. 0

Autor: Editora: Segmento: Número de páginas: 24 Sobre a editora: | +55-11-97574-0561 Contato: ISBN: 9788569914150 “Jorbim and Joana are inhabitants of Ancelã, a world where different beings live with humans, and the patia (the name given to magic in that world) flows in all living beings. Joana is a 13-years-old human girl who accompanies Jorbim, the son of a demon and a human warrior. In his crazy search for Paçoca, something that in Ancelã does not have the same meaning for us, Jorbim lives great adventures. In fact, it is not certain if Paçoca exists or if it is just a delusion of Jorbim. German Perez will tell the whole journey and adventures of Jorbim and Joana by Ancelã in the next episodes of Memento Mori series.” This comic was created in 2017 when German Perez was 11 years old. It is the first volume of Memento Mori Series, whose all the characters, drawings and script were created by the author.