Mente aberta – Série Escritores Mirins – vol 1

Autor: Editora: Segmento: Número de páginas: 32 Sobre a editora: | +55-11-97574-0561 Contato: ISBN: 9788569914037 “Mente aberta <Open mind>” is a book with poems of Akanni Alves, a boy who found in poetry a way to express his thoughts, feelings and opinions since he was 8 years old. Don’t read this book expecting children’s poetry, Akanni writes marginal poetry. He participates actively in slams, soirees and belongs to the collective “Poetas do Tietê” that perform and spread poetry in São Paulo streets.” This book is the first volume of “Série Escritores Mirins (Kids Writers Series)”, that is part of a larger and award-winning project idealized by Guismofews publisher and developed in several states of Brazil called “Projeto Escritores Mirins (Kids Writers Project)”, which aims to give children voice and encourage more children to read and write through actions in schools, public libraries and literary events.