Night in the Woods

Autor: Editora: Segmento: Número de páginas: 32 Sobre a editora: Contato: ISBN: 978-85-08-17160-6 When it is time to go to bed, Philip and Gabriel always engage in the same ritualistic routine: either their father or mother will tell them a story until they fall asleep, but this time things will be different. Their parents have let them know that they will be late from work so they should not wait for them and have dinner on their own instead. So, the kids had dinner, played and waited for their parents to arrive. When their parents arrived, they told the kids to go to bed because they were exhausted. As a consequence, that night they would have no stories. Phillip, however, comes up with an excellent idea: “Why not alter their nightly routine? What if they tell stories to their parents until the latter fall asleep?” In their narration the kids combine scenes from several well-known stories, but there was one condition: they should all take place in the woods, the mysterious, magic and dangerous woods! Tom Thumb, The Book of the Jungle, Snow White.