Three students from Brazilian public schools prepare to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair


The National Education Development Fund (FNDE), a institution linked to the Ministry of Education, announced the nine finalists of the literary contest “Be part of this story”, which analyzed more than four thousand works of public school students from all over the country. The first place in each category will win an international trip to one of the biggest literary events in the world: the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.

The winners will be awarded on August 3rd by FNDE during the São Paulo International Book Fair 2018. The event is being held by the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) and is supported by Brazilian Publishers, an internationalization project of Brazilian editorial content carried out through a partnership between CBL and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

Candidates could compete with poems, short stories, chronicles, novels, theater, text of popular tradition, novels, memoirs, diaries, biographies, reports of experiences and comic books written by them. The competition was divided between elementary school students (1st to 5th year), final years of elementary school (6th to 9th) and high school.

All finalists win a national trip, with airfare and lodging, to visit the São Paulo International Book Fair, a visit to know the production and distribution of the textbook in the city of São Paulo and a complete collection of literary books. The first and second places will also be awarded with a notebook, and the first and third with a tablet.

Check the result:

From 1st to 5th year of elementary school

1st place: Marcela Canteli Boiago from Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental Coronel Francisco Arnaldo da Silva de Fernandópolis (SP) (School of Elementary School Coronel Francisco Arnaldo da Silva of Fernandópolis SP), with the work “Desejos de criança” (Desires of child).

2nd place: Santhiago Gomes de Almeida from Escola Municipal Coronel Alonso de Morais de Frutal (MG) (Municipal School Coronel Alonso de Morais of Frutal MG), with the work “O Gentileza gerou gentileza” (The Kindness generated kindness).

3rd place: Cecília Pereira Neves from Escola Municipal João Paulo I de Goiânia (GO) (João Paulo I Municipal School of Goiania GO), with the work “O dragão dos meus sonhos” (The dragon of my dreams).

From the 6th to the 9th year of elementary school

1st place: Giselle Gonçalves da Silva from Escola Municipal de Referência Anita Moraes de Maracapanã (PE) (Municipal Reference School Anita Moraes of Maracapanã PE), with the work “Terra ardente” (Burning Earth).

2nd place: Finelon Ferreira Figueiredo Neto from Colégio Municipal de Colônia de 1º grau de Itaeté (BA) (Municipal College of Colony of first degree of Itaeté BA), with the work “Toco de menino” (Boy Stump).

3rd place: Ester Simoura Lopes from EEEFM José Damasceno Filho de Baixo Guandu (ES) (José Damasceno Filho EEEFM of Baixo Guandu ES), with the work “O Sabor da diversidade” (The Taste of Diversity).

High school

1st place: Vinícius Cellurale Novaes from Escola Reverendo Augusto Paes de Ávila de Praia Grande (SP) (Reverend Augusto Paes de Ávila School of Praia Grande SP), with the work “Solo mãe” (Mother only).

2nd place: Gabriella Santos Rodrigues de Souza from CIEP 493 Professora Antonieta Salinas de Castro de Barra Mansa (RJ) (CIEP 493 Professor Antonieta Salinas de Castro of Barra Mansa RJ), with the work “Cantos da semente do martírio” (Chants of the Seed of Martyrdom).

3rd place: Beatriz Lopes Prats from Colégio Pedro II do Rio de Janeiro (RJ) (Pedro II College of Rio de Janeiro RJ), with the work “Consciência, Consequência” (Consciousness, Consequence).

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